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  • You’ve stumbled upon the portfolio of Rafa Carneros (game programmer, hard worker, and videogame lover.) Here you can view my résumé, a few of my professional projects, and some fun coding or game stuff I do in my free time.

  • I have developed projects like Star Wars, Mickey Mouse or Gladiator Heroes during my stay at Genjoy Games.

  • I left Genera to start my own company called Boomfire Games developing Kick or Die.

  • Two years later I left my company to work on the best-funded Kickstarter video game in Spain, Temtem. I had the opportunity to be part of a mixed reality application company called Vidibond and now I am part of it.

  • I’d love to chat about job opportunities, projects I’ve worked on, diversity in tech, cat memes, or whatever is on your mind.



- Integration of advertising libraries

- GameAnalitycs and Flurry libraries

- Purchases in app libraries

- Facebook integration library


Game Design

- Level Design, Building, AI Encounter Design Pacing, and Scripting

- Game System Design and Balance

- Intuitive UI/UX Design

- Design Documentation

- Dialog and Text Writing

- Playtest Conducting


- Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects

- Microsoft Office & Visio

- Balsamiq Mockups

- Maya, 3dMax

- Perforce, SVN, JIRA, Visual Studio, Eclipse


- C#, C/C++-

- Javascript, php, html

- ActionScript


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